WeatherTech Floor Mat Upgrade

Front WeatherTech Mats
It’s time to upgrade the floor mats…again…
We live in Nebraska. We have four seasons and sometimes we see all those in a week. Rocks, salt, snow and ice are a few regular things that end up in this Jeep. The factory carpet mats had to go. They were getting trashed.
First, we replaced the carpet mats with the Mopar All Weather Mats that have the Grand Cherokee logo on them. They looked great. They did what they needed to do. However, they have deep treads on them like a tire and cleaning them was a hassle. The vacuum did nothing unless you had a brush top attachment. That made cleaning a little easier.  The aesthetics of the mats were great, but they did wrap around the interior and hug the spots that really needed to be protected.  We were constantly getting debris and rocks underneath the mats. We have three boys, the dirt follows. We needed more!!!
Now, we swapped out the Mopar All Weather Mats for WeatherTech Mats and Rear Cargo Liner.  It was a simple install. We just pulled out the old ones, vacuumed up the mess accumulated underneath and placed the new ones in.  This was our first set of WeatherTech Floor mats. It is crazy how well they fit and formed in the Grand Cherokee. The wrapped around much higher in certain areas which gives me hope of keeping out the debris. Cleaning them will be much easier because they don’t have the deep treading design. I highly recommend these WeatherTech Floor Mats to everyone! It’s a great look and they fit perfectly.
Front Mats-

Rear Mat- 


Rear Cargo Mat-


Written by: Joe Oehm

Edited by: Andee Oehm

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