Watch Volvo excavator clear snowy cars in seconds

Volvo industrial snow blower
News Source: Paul Barber, Intercounty Paving

When winter comes around in New York, people are no stranger to the amount of snow that comes with the season. Imagine the amount of cars needing scraping during a snow drill on any auto lot. Multiple that to the State Line Auto Auction, with all those cars needing snow removal. That job seems daunting. Paul Barber and his crew have the equipment to handle the task of keeping thousands of cars clean. They have a Volvo excavator with industrial-strength turbines.


Over a thousand cars move through the auction grounds during the week. The State Line Auto Auction needed a solution to do the job efficiently and effectively.  The State Line attached a Buffalo turbine to a Volvo excavator to blow the ice and snow from the cars versus going down the lines scrapping each car.  

With over 7,000 cars on the lot, this method is completely necessary. Barber with his crew, keep the lot clear and vehicles in excellent condition. Barber commented, “The cars are in our care, custody and control so it would not be beneficial if it damaged them. We have blown one mirror off in four years.” That is an impressive performance with the amount of vehicles moving in and out of the State Line Auto Auction.

News Source: Paul Barber, Intercounty Paving


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