Want to buy a brand-new 2008 Dodge Challenger

This SRT Challenger was stored for 11 years!

Ebay 2008 Dodge Challenger Side

Want to buy a brand-new 2008 Dodge Challenger? It’s possible! This SRT Challenger was stored for 11 years, never plated and only has nine miles on the odometer. This is a weird phenomenon for any gear head, to store a performance vehicle versus hitting the road. It’s a common practice amongst rare or expensive cars. But if this is the car of your dreams, it’s up for sale on eBay Motors. The sellers description includes the fact that this 2008 Dodge Challenger has the lowest-mileage compared with any others on the market. 

Ebay 2008 Dodge Challenger

Purchased off a dealer show floor, it was picked up with an enclosed trailer, where it stayed for the next decade. The owner did drive it up and down the driveway a few times a year and started the engine every month. The owner also added liquid stabilizers to keep everything working properly, plus kept the motor on a trickle charger. The vehicle looks brand-new with original tires, floor mats, and the factory airbag warning tab hanging from the dashboard. The seller also claims “extreme car has been taken to make sure no elements enter the trailer.” The Challenger has never even been washed.

Even though it’s never been licensed, the owner kept the registration current. The car is listed on eBay in Tulsa, Oklahoma with a Buy It Now price of $36,995 – just $325 less than base MSRP when it was new. A new 2019 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack is only $3,000 more. There will still be some costs to update the 2008, because it’s been sitting for so long.

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