Volkswagen revealed the production-ready ID.3 electric hatch

Volkswagen ID3
Image: Volkswagen

Volkswagen revealed the production-ready ID.3 electric hatch. It looks very similar to the concept seen last year in Frankfurt, except for the conventional grille inlets in the front bumper. The ID.3 is the same size as the current VW Golf, except the wheel base is five inches longer. 

Volkswagen gives the ID.3 a range of up to 342 miles. All ID.3s will get a permanent-magnet motor mounted in the rear with a single-speed transmission. This system makes 201 horsepower and 229 lb-ft of torque with a top speed of 99 mph. Initially, the ID.3 will be offered with a 58-kWh battery providing a range of 261 miles. Later, two other battery pack capacities will be late-model options. The first is a cheaper 45-kWh version with 205 miles of range, and the second, more expensive option being a 77-kWh version with the full range of 342 miles.Volkswagen ID3 front

Looking at the exterior design, it includes LED headlight units featuring a light bar across the middle. The matrix LED headlights adapt to reduce glare from oncoming traffic, but Volkswagen also uses this feature to create a “fluttering of the eyelids” when a driver approaches. In the back, the ID.3 has a unique glass hatch.

The interior is modern and technology-centric with an instrument cluster that uses a thin screen. There is a large 10-inch touchscreen infotainment console. Higher-trim versions of the ID.3 will have an option for a heads-up display featuring augmented reality navigation information. This information will be projected so it appears 9 to 30 feet ahead of the car. Controls will have touch sensitivity except for the hazard light and window switches. Not only can drivers utilize the touch sensitivity technology, but voice control is also a main function. The ID.3 has seating for five, plus 13.6 cubic feet of cargo space (European specs).

For charging, the ID.3 will offer a DC fast charging option for models with batteries up to the 58-kWh capacity that utilize 100 kW charging rates. With 30 minutes of charging, Volkswagen estimates it gives the ID.3 180 miles of range. The larger 77-kWh model will be available with 125-kW fast charging compatibility.

Thomas Ulbrich, Member of the Volkswagen brand Board of Management responsible for E-Mobility, commented, “The production start of the ID.3 in November will usher in an entirely new era for Volkswagen- comparable with the first Beetle or the first Golf. Our conversion work is proceeding entirely to schedule. The first 400 pre-series ID.3 vehicles are already on test routes throughout Europe. With the ID.3, Zwickau will become a genuine pioneer of e-mobility.” The cars will be produced at the Zwickau plant, the largest and most efficient electric car plant in Europe. Volkswagen has not announced any intention of selling the ID.3 in the United States. The United States will get the ID.Crozz and later, the ID.Buzz minivan. In Germany, the ID.3 goes on sale mid-2020 with a base price around $33,000 (US). Volkswagen has confirmed they already have over 30,000 reservations for the ID.3.

Image: Volkswagen

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