Vinyl wrap why didn’t I do this sooner?

Who vinyl wraps their wood dash and door trims on a Grand Cherokee? This guys does, because I obviously can’t be trusted to be alone in a garage. I wanted the Carbon Fiber look instead of the wood paneling. I thought to myself, if I can disassemble and rebuild Jeep Wranglers, I can do this. Right? What’s a piece of trim and vinyl wrap?
This was my first time using vinyl wrap. I wasn’t even really sure how much to buy, so I ordered three rolls of 3D Carbon Fiber Vinyl that was 1ft X 5ft. (Note to self: I only used one roll but would recommend buying two for the “just in case”.) Wrapping the trim was much more difficult in my head, than in real application. It was very time consuming for someone who suffers from OCD, like me. I wanted it perfect. Perfect takes lots of time.
I didn’t need many tools. I had rubbing alcohol to clean up each trim piece, so the vinyl would stick and stay adhesive.  I used a blow dryer because I didn’t want to purchase a heat gun. You need heat to stretch the vinyl and my wife’s blow dryer worked fine. I had a squeegee with a felt side to smooth everything out, along with a sharp cutting tool to trim the vinyl.
Giver yourself a few hours. The invested time is definitely worth the result. Once your pop all the pieces back into your vehicle, you will have an updated interior. My Grand Cherokee also had the wood on the top half of the steering wheel. I vinyl wrapped that. The steering wheel took me a few tries, so that second roll of vinyl came in handy.
I watched several YouTube videos before attempting the vinyl wrap. I am very excited to share the project. For a very small monetary investment (under $20) and several hours of time, the outcome was beyond worth it.

Written by: Joe Oehm

Edited by: Andee Oehm


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