‘Top Gear’ gives us a look at the Aston Martin Project 003


‘Top Gear’ gives us a look at the Aston Martin Project 003 and 2022 Vanquish. The deputy editor had the opportunity to explore the two super cars behind closed doors. Both mid-engine coupes were showcased at the Geneva Motor Show, but the world needs more details. The video gives a closer look at the NASA-aided FlexFoil wing works, the location of where the rear-view cameras will be mounted, and trivia about the vehicles. 

Looking at the interior, Project 003 is a bit more utilitarian than the Valkyrie with everything at hip level versus lower than knee level. Looking closely, the seat is built into the carbon fiber tub and the end of the seat bolster is flush with the footwell. The vents are multipurpose, used as speakers and ambient lighting.

With the Vanquish, Rix could only walk around the car, since it technically doesn’t come out until 2022. Still, Rix shares how the design elements from front-engined Aston Martins are integrated into the mid-engined bodywork. 

Another bonus, Aston Martin delivers a look at the Valkyrie development from the perspective of high-performance test driver Chris Goodwin. Goodwin was McLaren Automotive’s test driver and worked on the Speedtail, and says, “It’s going to be a substantial gap between this car and what’s currently on the market.” The racer explains how he used the Red Bull Formula 1 team’s simulator to tune the Valerie’s road car’s handling, aerodynamic systems and active suspension. Check out the videos. 

Aston Martin Project 003

Video Credit: Top Gear / Image Credit: Aston Martin 


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