The Next Dodge Challenger will get electric-motor boost

Image Credit: Dodge

Even though Dodge is reluctant to move from the original intent of the muscle car, there is significant evidence that electrification of the Challenger/Charger is heading this way. FCA has made statements stating that electrification will be part of the formula in making the American muscle cars in the future. In the next few years, we will see the decline of the V8, supercharged, 700-engine among production line performance cars. Both Dodge and enthusiasts love the high-powered Redeye and Demon versions of the car. FCA and Dodge have not released any specific information on the direction with the electric modifications, but gas engines supplemented by 48-volt systems or plug-in hybrids seem most likely. 

The move to electrified muscle cars is happening. Ford is going to reveal the Mustang Hybrid in 2020. Al Oppenheiser, former chief engineer for the Camaro, moved to GM’s electric division, meaning Chevrolet is making progress on an electrified version of the Camaro. This will push Dodge to move in this direction to say competitive in the market. This progressive move from the 700-horsepower, supercharged, V8 to electric hybrid systems is safe for the next couple of years, but it’s coming. 

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Image Credit: Dodge


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