The Koenigsegg Regera sets new 0-249-0 world record


The Koenigsegg Regera sets new 0-249-0 world record. Originally, Koenigsegg took the crown from Bugatti by 5.52 seconds. Now, the automaker broke their own record by 1.8 seconds with running a new 31.49 second record time. The name “Regera” is a Swedish word meaning “to reign” or “to rule.” It definitely lives up to its namesake. 

When Koenigsegg originally broke the record it was using the Agera RS. This time around a Regera took the winning title. The Regera is the company’s hybrid sports car featuring a trio of electric motors and a twin-turbo V8 making 1,500 horsepower. There is no gearbox, so it uses the electric power to start, and the gas engine is engaged at high speeds. 

Surprisingly, the acceleration to 249 mph took an entire 22.87 seconds, while getting back down to zero only took 8.62 seconds. Reaching the record breaking speed was completed in a stretch of only 1.27 miles, and braking to a complete stop in just over a quarter of a mile. The Regera broke the record on the runway at Rada Airfield in Sweden. The car was unmodified, except for adding a roll cage and safety harness. 

Koenigsegg now has a great track record after putting the Agera RS and Regera through this record event. Hopefully, the new Jesko will be the next to set the record.  The Jesko produces 1,600 horsepower, and Koenigsegg is pushing for it to hit 300 mph. If things go as planned, the Jesko will top the Regera’s record. 

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