The Family Truckster is heading to the Barrett-Jackson

Image Credit: Barrett Jackson

The Family Truckster is heading to the Barrett-Jackson auction in Florida. With warmer weather around the corner, start planning those road trips with a Griswold family vibe. The April 11-13 Auction will have this replica of Hollywood’s most famous (infamous) car: the the Wagon Queen Family Truckster.  The Chevy Chase 1980’s comedy “National Lampoon’s Vacation” was watched in every household. The Family Truckster took the Griswold family from suburbia Chicago to Wally World in California. “Sparky” ordered the Antarctic Blue Super Sports Wagon with the Rally Fun Pack and CB radio and disappointedly was stuck with the Truckster but his slick car salesman. 

The movie original was based off a 1979 Ford LTD Country Squire. The replica is a 1981 model with a slightly lighter interior color. However, the faux-wood paneling, the Metallic Pea exterior, and gold-crown-crested hubcaps bring everything together. The 1981 Country Squire has the original fuel-injected 5.0-liter Windsor V8 paired with a four speed transmission. 

This isn’t actually one of the movie cars, but one of the original Trucksters from filming made it to the Mecum auctions in 2013, but didn’t sell at the list price of $35,000. It eventually sold after being listed on Hemings with a $39,900 price tag. This replica is listed without a reserve, so anyone could own it. All details are on the Truckster’s listing on Barrett-Jackson.

Image Credit: Barrett Jackson

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