The Bugatti longtail Chiron prototype breaks the 300 mph barrier

Bugatti Chiron 300mph
Image: Bugatti

The Bugatti longtail Chiron prototype breaks the 300 mph barrier. Bugatti reclaimed the crown for top speed from Koenigsegg by becoming the first hypercar to break that 300 mph mark. Bugatti’s official test pilot, Andy Wallace, set the record in the purpose-built, Chiron-based prototype. 

Wallace used all 16 cylinders to reach just over 304 mph on the Ehra-Lessien’s 5.4 mile straight. The former reign holder, the Koenigsegg Agera RS, topped out acceleration at 284.550 mph. Comparatively, the Chiron hitting over 300 mph makes it faster than several small aircrafts and most helicopters.

Bugatti Chiron 300mph
Image: Bugatti

Bugatti is keeping all the technical details private, but we can tell the rear end of the Chiron has been extended adding downforce. Round vents drilled into the top part of the front end reduce turbulence in the wheel wells. Inside showcases a roll cage and a Sparco bucket seat for the driver. Compared to the regular Chiron, the prototype looks a little lower to the ground, but details are very limited. There is no word on what is beneath the carbon fiber or if this beast will ever be a production unit.

Several agencies helped in developing the special Chiron, including Italy’s Dallara and Michelin.  Michelin provided Pilot Cup Sport 2 tires reinforced to handle 5,300 Gs while still remaining street legal. They even used an X-ray machine to identify an imperfections in the tires. Bugatti is now the first automaker to break the 300-mph barrier and have the fastest car in the world (The Chiron). 

In the coming weeks, Bugatti will continue celebrating its 110th birthday, and we look forward to seeing what’s next.

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