The 2020 BMW X6 gets a Vantablack paint job that absorbs light

BMW X6 Vantablack paint job
Image: BMW

The 2020 BMW X6 gets a Vantablack paint job that absorbs light. This third-generation BMW X6 uses special paint that is made from microscopic bits of carbon. BMW will showcase the X6 at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

The Vantablack paint is the blackest paint on the market created by Surrey NanoSystems. BMW used the Vantablack VBx2 spray-on coating, which is normally used for coating space-borne components because of its ability to absorb light and resist very cold temperatures. In scientific setting, the paint is used to block out light from the sun so deep-space camera lenses can get a better glimpse at stars and galaxies. The term, VANTA, stands for Vertically Aligned Nano Tube Array, and it absorbs light turning it into heat rather than reflecting light like normal paint. The BMW X6 is going get hot if it sits in the sunshine.

BMW X6 Vantablack paint job rear shot
Image: BMW

The paint takes away the 3D presentation of the X6, negating the visual design of the SUV. With a flat appearance, the X6’s LED headlamps, laser headlamps, and light-up kidney grilles seem more dramatic. Paired with the Vantablack paint job, the lights seem to be suspended. 

The Vantablack paint will probably not be offered on a production car and just used as a concept presentation. However, plenty of pictures and information to follow with the Frankfurt Motor Show quickly approaching. 


Image: BMW

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