Tesla will no longer have 75D Model S and Model X after January 13th

Image Credit: Tesla

January 13th, will mark the passing of the Tesla Model S 75D and Model X 75D. Tesla will no longer be taking orders for the 75kWh after that date. Elon Musk announced on Twitter that the entry-level model will be discontinued. The models will still be available, starting at the trim level 100D, which is a dual-motor with a 100-kWh battery. On Monday, the base price for the Tesla Model S will jump $18,000, starting at $94,000. For a Model X, the price goes up $15,000, at more than $97,000.

The more expensive version of each car travels a longer distance in a single charge, and accelerates faster. The various options help catapult pricing, including autopilot. Tesla consumers who are price-oriented, will have the Model 3 available starting at $44,000. Musk is strategic with his business. Speculation states the Model 3 being a profitable options for the company. Making more room for it’s production follows that ideology. 

Written by: Andee Oehm


Image Credit: Tesla


  1. […] Tesla is making some adjustments this year, including names and pricing on their vehicles. With the recent overhaul of the Model S and Model X, Tesla is changing the naming structure of each trim and prices. The base models are called Model S and Model X with no separate designation.  They both have the 100kWh battery pack, as in the Performance models, but software locks the capacity. Base range on the Model S is 310 miles, while the Model X gets a range of 270 miles. However, the option to upgrade the range is available for $8,000, bringing the Model S range to 335 miles and Model X to 295 miles. That makes each mile increase around $320. […]

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