Tesla new Model Y compact SUV teaser

Ahead of the March 14th reveal

Tesla Model Y Teaser Shot
Image Credit: Tesla

Tesla releases the Model Y Compact SUV teaser before the March 14 global premiere. The Model Y is Tesla’s compact premium crossover, and the teaser image was sent out as part of an invitation for the vehicle’s launch. The image displays the Model Y’s front end with a blue paint scheme and traditional wing mirrors. The headlights resemble the Model 3 over the Model S or X SUV. Not many details can be translated from the teaser. 

In classic Tesla form, there is a hidden Easter Egg in the teaser picture. Enthusiasts lightened up the image to catch some additional details, however, the license plate says “Nice Try”. Tesla is always one step ahead. When announcing the unveiling of the Model Y, Elon Musk, the Tesla chief executive, said, “it will be roughly 10 percent larger than the Model 3 sedan and cost about 10 percent more.” Reportedly, the Model Y will share 75 percent of its parts, plus powertrain as the Model 3. The model 3 price starts at $35,000 for a single-motor, rear-wheel drive car. 

Initially, the information said that the SUV would have a bespoke platform. Musk decided to use the Model 3’s architecture to reduce development and production costs. The Model Y will be revealed March 14th at the Tesla LA design studio. Musk promised, “detailed specs and pricing will be provided, as well as test rides.” The hopes are to build 2,000 Model Y’s per week starting in September 2020.  Tesla responded to 2018 Q4 investors by saying, “this year we wills tart tooling for Model Y to achieve volume production by the end of the year 2020.” 

Tesla Model Y Teaser

Image Credit: Tesla

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