Tesla Model S and Model X get new naming and prices

Tesla Model S
Image Credit: Tesla

Tesla is making some adjustments this year, including names and pricing on their vehicles. With the recent overhaul of the Model S and Model X, Tesla is changing the naming structure of each trim and prices. The base models are called Model S and Model X with no separate designation.  They both have the 100kWh battery pack, as in the Performance models, but software locks the capacity. Base range on the Model S is 310 miles, while the Model X gets a range of 270 miles. However, the option to upgrade the range is available for $8,000, bringing the Model S range to 335 miles and Model X to 295 miles. That makes each mile increase around $320.

The Model S and Model X have been named after their respective battery size (75D, 100D, or P100D), but now the P100D will be called “Performance”. If the model has the $20,000 Ludicrous Mode package added, it will be called “Performance with Ludicrous”. Both the Model S and Model X get the same $1,000 price cut on base pricing. This is a direct response to the $7,500 federal tax credit decreasing, and eventually disappearing, and still doesn’t make up for it, or the elimination of the more economically priced Tesla models. 

All of the changes directly correlate with how Tesla plans to market and sell the Model 3, it’s current production focus. If any of this seems confusing, the configurators are up for consumers and potential buyers to check out all the Tesla options. 

Tesla Model XTesla Model S

Image Credit: Tesla



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