2018 SRT Dodge Durango


Thank you to the Baxter CDJR of Omaha, NE. They allowed us the opportunity to drive and review a 2018 SRT Dodge Durango.

Let’s face it, the Dodge Durango doesn’t get as much attention as the Jeep Grand Cherokee. However, the 2018 SRT Durango deserves some love. It definitely has the SRT look from the Hellcat style hood, the aggressive front bumper, and let’s not forget about those big red Brembo Brakes with 20” wheels. It has 475 hp coming from the 6.4L V8 that growls when started. Don’t forget that this is All Wheel Drive, so this Durango launches hard and will get around in the winter time.

The interior front seats have the spacial feel of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. This model has the beautiful SRT seats in red leather. They hug your body when you’re driving around. They are impressively comfortable and plush. The steering wheel SRT logo lights up when your headlights turn on. It gives it a James Bond appearance. The gauge cluster is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. The SRT Durango has a rubber tray for your coins or keys. It’s not big enough for your phone and seems impractical. It’s an awkward shape and size.

On the center console, when you push the SRT button, your Drive modes will pop up on your Infotainment Screen: Auto, Custom,Track, Sport, Snow and Tow. Driving in Sport mode wakes up the motor and gives an instant feel of power. It’s pretty fun. You will get the same two cup holders as the Grand Cherokee. There is a cubby with charging ports, USB’s and Aux plug. 

The SRT Durango includes printed Carbon Fiber look trim on the doors and glove box area. The A-pillars and headliner are suede. It definitely gives the interior a luxurious feel. Moving on to the back, the second row includes two captain seats, with a center console and cup holders. The second row seats are heated, an option we love for those cold days. In the SRT Durango we are reviewing, it has the dual screens in the headrest. The DVD player is located in the front seat center console and plays BluRay DVD’s. This is the reason, the SRT Durango goes to favorite list for our 6 year old. He also loves that there’s a third row of seats, that are easy enough for him to maneuver. The second row seats have a side lever, on each side, that folds them down. Once folded, you will see a bright red pull cord. Pull on it with one hand, the seat tumbles forward and you can get in the back seat. Use the pull cord again when exiting the third row.

The SRT Dodge Durango definitely is perfect for people with a bigger family. It provides all the looks and power you desire. You don’t always have to settle on a Minivan. In this Durango, you can still have the kids, push close to 500 horse power and do it in style.

Written by: Joe Oehm

Edited by: Andee Oehm

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