SEMA 1968 Dodge Super Charger with 426 Hellephant engine!

SEMA 1968 Dodge Super Charger with 426 Hellephant engine!
Image Credit: Dodge

Mopar has new custom creation to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Dodge Charger. This is special build to celebrate the Charger. They took the original engine set up of 426-cubic-inch HEMI V8 and added a supercharger. This upgrade is being called the new “Hellephant” engine. It delivers a 1,000 horsepower and 950 pound-feet of torque on 93 Octane pump gas. The “Hellephant” engine has the bones of the Dodge Hellcat motor but it’s larger, with a cylinder bore of 4.0 inches and a stroke of 4.125 inches. This Dodge Charger has been upgraded to the Super Charger.

The Super Charger is getting more than just the “Hellephant” engine. The wide, uninterrupted grille from the original is still here, but it’s a one-piece now.  The headlights are no longer behind the concealment doors; the lights shine through the grille, retaining a clean look both day and night. The Super Charger sits 2.5 inches lower than stock, and it’s four inches wider with the huge fender flares. They house 305-mm-wide tires up front, and 315-mm tires in the rear.

They were able to keep the double diamond design but still modernize the look while keeping some of the classic features. There are two more inches between the wheels now, up to a 119 inches, something Mopar did to reduce the front overhang. The tail lights are the same shape as the originals, but now the round elements are actually high mounted exhaust outlets. The rain rails have been smoothed out on the roof, the vent windows removed, special 426 stickers have been added, and the fuel door now has a “Hellephant” badge with a blue background.

The Dodge Super Charger has a new six-speed manual transmission, huge six-piston Brembo brakes, Hellcat wheels and some repurposed features from the current Dodge and SRT models like the Demon hood, the Challenger headlights, fog lights and front splitter. It also has some interior features from the Dodge Viper like the steering wheel and seats. It’s rocking the Mopar gauges on the dash.

This engine will be available as a crate engine. The crate includes a wiring harness and PCM tune. Mopar specifies that the engine was designed for both on and off the road in cars built prior to 1976. This “Hellephant” engine is ONLY meant for the classics!

Written By: Andee Oehm

Image Credit: FCA

Video Credit: FCA


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