Say “hello” to the new Google Assistant Driving Mode

Google Assistant driving mode
Image Credit: Google

Say “hello” to the new Google Assistant Driving Mode. It’s a new edition of Android Auto designed specifically for the phone. For anyone already utilizing the Android App, you will be in familiarly territory. The app is very similar to Android Auto used on vehicle infotainment centers, but designed to have the same control on your phone. This app is meant to provide customers the same experience when they don’t have the Android Auto interface capability. Google is progressing technology to make it easier to use voice commands to navigate and stay connected with the Assistant Driving Mode. 

Assistant Driving Mode brings navigation, messaging, calls and your media players all front and center. It basically renders the current Android Auto phone app obsolete. It still performs most of the same functions, with the main use being the navigation technology via Google Maps or Waze. The Assistant Driving Mode can be set to launch on your Android phone automatically with your vehicle’s Bluetooth connection. All you have to say is, “Hey Google, let’s drive.” The entire system is voice driven by telling it what to do next or you can tap the suggested options on the screen. 

Navigation suggestions are intuitive, based on previous activity including your calendar, normal routines or previous search history. With the Audio suggestions, the app uses previously played  options or loaded preferences. With this app, you will still be able to call or text someone using the hands-free voice control (no texting and driving). 

Google I/O is an easier communication system between Google Assistant and your car (if it’s properly equipped). It removes the several command steps to control your car via Assistant, now it’s only one or two. Google explained that Hyundais equipped with the Blue Link app, and Mercedes equipped with the Mercedes Me Connect features will be able to take advantage of these simplified commands.

The update with all these new features is expected to be available this summer. It will be available on Assistant-enable Android phones in the United States only. 

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