Rimac repeatedly crash tests their C_Two electric supercar


Rimac repeatedly crash tests their C_Two electric supercar. Rimac has decided to give a behind-the-scenes show of the car in an impact crash. Through a series of clips, Rimac has shown office and manufacturing tours, footage of its aerodynamic examinations, and now a teaser of the supercar crash testing. The newly released footage shows the C_Two taking actual impact not once, but five times over. 

Both Porsche and Hyundai have partnered with and invested in Rimac. They are invested in making the C_Two available across all major global markets. Rimac, like all auto manufacturers, is going through the homologation process to pass safety standards. This includes repeatedly crashing C_Two prototypes, each worth more than a million dollars. Being a low-volume and new manufacture, all of tests have to be as productive as possible due to the high cost. 

During the testing, the vehicle is measured digitally. Engineers run computer simulation to measure thousands of material and component tests before even building an experimental prototype. After the initially testing is run on models, Rimac uses the physical car to test and make sure the results match the digital results. 

Watching the video, the engineers discuss one specific issue they found. During front-end crash testing, party of the rail structure “peeled off like a banana,” seen at about 3:05. This is an issue that didn’t occur in digital testing.

With the first round of crash tests completed, Rimac will proceed to the next stage of development. This will include improving the design utilizing virtual simulations.

Rimac C Two
Image: Rimac


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