Removing the wood trim from the dash and doors on Grand Cherokee


Because I can’t leave good enough alone…and I am taking the Wood Trim off the dash and doors.


Tools Needed: 7mm Socket

As I get started on the Jeep Grand Cherokee build, I have finally realized I can’t stand the wood trim on the dash and doors. It’s has to go. The plan is to pull all the trim and than vinyl wrap it in carbon fiber. Coming from building Jeep Wranglers, there’s several additional steps in the Grand Cherokee to get the trim off.

I am taking the dash apart by  popping door panels off. It really wasn’t hard, just time consuming with effectively not breaking anything. To get the trim off, each piece pops in and out but also is held in by one 7mm bolt.  On the driver side piece, behind the steering wheel, you will need to pop off the black cover. Next, you will see a 7mm bolt on the left side. Take that out; this will allow you  to pop the panel that your headlight switch is on. Open that out a little ways; you will see the 7mm bolt holding that piece of trim in.

The vent and trim piece come out as one. It may take a bit of wiggling to pop the vent out.


Now, move on to the trim piece where your push Start button is located. I recommend popping the silver radio bezel. It will help release the piece of trim and there will be a 7mm bolt to removed for the passenger side trim piece. Behind the steering wheel cover you popped off earlier, on the left of the start button, you will see the hidden 7mm bolt holding this piece of trim in place. Remove that and the piece should be ready to pop off. The last dash piece, over the glove box, remove the other 7mm bolt behind the silver radio bezel. If you haven’t already, start over at the vent work and work your way towards the radio.  The piece of trim should pop right off.

Now for the door trim.

Tools Needed:

7mm Socket
10mm Socket
Phillips Screw driver
Trim tool or a big flat head. Tip use with Microfiber covering it so you don’t scratch the door paint up.




The door trim is a little tricky but doable. You have to take the whole panel off to access the 6 or 7 Phillips screws holding the door trim in place. The door panels all have about the same steps for coming off.  Start by where you grab the door handle look inside, you will see a little square. Use a pointy pick to pop it open and you will see a 7mm bolt. Remove it. Take the pointy pick, pull the door handle open, put the pick behind the bottom corner and pull it will pop right off. You will see a Phillips screw and a 10mm bolt; take them both out. Now, pull out the window switch. All you need to do is lift from the rear and it should come right out on the passenger side. I had to pull from the front on that one.

The rear doors don’t have this, so skip this step back there. The window switches will need to be unplugged. Pull the red locking tab up and then unlock the harness from the switch panel. Now it’s time to pop the panel off using your trim tool or big flat head. Go around popping the tabs out. There’s a lot and they are loud when they pop. You PROBABLY didn’t break anything. Once you have them all popped, work the panel up and off the door.  Push the handle through the panel and let it hang and unplug any other wires.

If you notice some of the white clip popped off the panel and stayed in the door. That’s ok -just pop it out and slide it in place on the back of the door. Once the door panel is off, gently flip it over and you will see the 6 or 7 Phillips screws holding the wood trim in place. On a couple of my doors, one screw was covered by the white sound deadener. Just push it aside and you will see the screw that will need to come out.

That’s it! Now you can wrap your trim pieces, reassemble it and put it back in the Jeep.


Written by: Joe Oehm

Edited by: Andee Oehm

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