Range Rover offers exclusive Astronaut Edition

Range Rover Astronaut Edition
Image Credit: Land Rover

Range Rover offers exclusive Astronaut Edition to Virgin Galactic space tourists only. The automaker created the special edition as part of its five-year partnership with the commercial spaceflight company. Basically, the Astronaut Edition can be bought if you paid the $250,000 for a ticket to suborbital space on SpaceShipTwo. The number of Future Astronauts has reached over 600.

The Range Rover is painted in Zero Gravity Blue paint, decorated with aluminum door handles engraved with “Virgin Galactic’s Future Astronaut community constellation patter,” badges on the tailgate and Astronaut Edition emblems on the fenders. The Range Rover Special Vehicle Operations division headed up this elite project. 

Looking on the interior, the SpaceShipTwo graphic is on both the headrest and above the glove compartment. There are several different silhouetted depictions of manned flight, including the famous Icarus, throughout the vehicle. The cupholders have the front landing skid of the first Virgin Galactic craft to reach space in December 2018, the Spaceship Unity. One of the discs in the cupholder has a favored quote from CEO Sir Richard Branson, “See you up there.” Looking at the secondary cupholder, the disc has the flight details. When the Future Astronaut becomes an astronaut, the disc in the cupholder with the flight details will be swapped out for a version of the landing skid used on the astronaut’s flight.

“See you up there.”

The Astronaut Edition will have two different powertrains available, a 518-horsepower 5.0-liter V8 and a 398-horsepower P400e plug-in hybrid system. NASA astronauts used to be offered a $1-a-year lease on a Chevrolet Corvette, but those days are over. The Future Astronauts will be offered this exclusive deal on the Range Rover Astronaut Edition starting at $144,295. Considering the flight costs $250,000 per seat, for 90 seconds of zero-gravity, I am sure they can afford it. 

Image Credit: Land Rover

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