Porsche Taycan Super EV does a fun stunt on the USS Hornet


Porsche Taycan Super EV does a fun stunt on the USS Hornet. Check out this video of the Taycan showing off its capability of extreme acceleration and braking by stunt driver, Shea Holbrock on the US Navy aircraft carrier. Shea Holbrock tightens her seatbelt in the prototype because she knows how to handle speed. Porsche posted the video of Holbrock in the Taycan accelerating on a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier, and we definitely want more. 

The Taycan demonstrates its ability to accelerate quickly, there’s no questioning that, but seeing it brake just as efficiently is impressive. Comparatively, a F-18 fighter, with assistance from steam-powered catapult on deck can reach about 165 mph using less than 900 feet of runway. Holbrock was able to hit 90 mph in 422 feet, hit the carbon-ceramic breaks leaving 98 feet of runway leftover. Porsche admitted that they tried to hit the 0-100-0 mark, but settled for the 90 mph to remain safe.

Porsche is focusing on metrics with record-setting lap times on the Nurburgring and useful demos versus doing insane stunts. For example, launching the Porsche Taycan to 124 mph 26 times in a row and losing just 8/10ths of a second between the slowest and fastest drag is amazing. Porsche is able to be impressive and produce top notch quality without peacocking. 

However, with a new generation of vehicles, Porsche delivers some publicity stunts. No matter what, racing on an aircraft carrier is just cool. Check out the video. 

Porsche Taycan on the USS Hornet
Image: Porsche

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