Porsche 917 concept revealed and it’s perfect

Porsche 917 Concept
Image Credit: Porsche

The Porsche 917 concept revealed and it’s perfect. Porsche celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the 917. The Porsche 917 is the most famous racing car of all time. The automaker debuted the first one to the world at the Geneva Motor Show in 1969. The Porsche Museum is planning to restore the first ever 917 to its original condition to chime in the celebrations. In addition, and perhaps a more exciting way to celebrate, Porsche designed a concept car that pays homage to the 917. Only one photo was released, but the concept is due to go on display at the Porsche Museum starting on May 14th. Porsche 917

With only limited details, we do know that the concept was designed by a small team of engineers and designers. The goal was to create something that pays respects to the first 917 to win Le Mans in 1970. The Porsche concept is a beautiful creation with a “23” proudly displayed, the same number on the Le Mans winning 917. It’s also rocking the beloved red paint with white stripes.Porsche Museum 2019

The restoration of the original 917 has been a year long project for the Porsche Museum. Porsche says the top priority was to conserve and reuse as many parts of the original car as possible. Body parts from the front and rear sections ended up having to be reproduced, in addition to the rear section of the aluminum frame. This original 917 was never a racing car, instead it remained a test and presentation car. It has white exterior paint with a green front section just like the first debut one in Geneva. 

Porsche Museum 2019

The concept and the restored 917 will be displayed in the exhibit until September 15. Get the passports ready, and book a trip to Stuttgart, Germany for a first hand look.

Image Credit: Porsche


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