Old Nissan Leaf batteries power Opus camping trailers


Old Nissan Leaf’s batteries power Opus Trailers. The Nissan ROAM is the perfect solution to utilize old batteries from electric cars. The automaker came up with this idea to provide power while camping. They paired up with the trailer manufacture Opus to display the innovative option. The Nissan ROAM uses old lithium-ion battery cells from “first generation Nissan electric vehicles” by hooking up to the Air Opus trailer. The concept is officially called Nissan x Opus featuring ROAM, a portable and weather-resistant power pack from Nissan Energy.

The battery packs can store up to 700Wh of electricity, and provide power output up to 1kW. Nissan demonstrates that the batteries are capable of providing power to small devices. Other options to consider might be appliances, lighting and heating. Combining the power of the battery with a solar panel, Nissan says the ROAM can provide a weeks worth of power to the trailer. That allows people the flexibility of diverse power supplies, and access to remote locations. It can be used free of noise, gas or diesel powered generators, and no need to be tied down to a location that provides camper hookups. The Nissan ROAM takes only an hour to charged when using a 230-volt power outlet. 

Nissan and Opus plan to show off the Nissan x OPUS camper concept at the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show in the United Kingdom. Nissan announced production plans for the ROAM power pack being launch in late 2019, with no clear plans to expand to other markets. Pricing will be released as production dates approach. 

Image Credit: Nissan

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