New Mazda SUV teased for Geneva Motor Show

Mazda SUV Geneva Teaser
Image Credit: Mazda

Mazda, the Japanese automaker, is staying quiet on the new crossover they are unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show next month. The only hints they are releasing is a rear shot of taillights in the dark, and saying it’s “a brand-new addition to the Mazda line-up,” or “the second model in new-generational lineup.” In earlier releases, the automaker has mention the CX-3 arriving in 2020, and that’s the prediction with this debut. 

The teaser image shows the rear end of a compact SUV with a wide stance and circular LED accent lights in the taillights. It follows a suite in transforming the brand into Mazda’s aspirations of being a leading premium brand. 

The first-gen CX-3 rides on the Mazda2 platform, but the CX-3 will have the Skyactiv Vehicle Architecture now used in the Mazda3 series. The vehicle is going from the subcompact class into the compact segment. Mazda needs a new campaign to help it’s meager U.S. sales, with last year selling more units in Australia.

The Mazda3 platform offers many upgrades to the vehicle including human-centric interior ergonomics, and driving dynamics with Mazda3 First Drive. The will probably feature the torsion mean rear suspension over the multi-link rear, even though it was an area of media complaint in the past. The U.S. offered engine lineup should follow the Mazda3 options with the naturally aspirated 2.5-liter four-cylinder, and later followed by the Skyactiv-X. The Skyactiv-X is a revolutionary style of engine, the worlds first to employ a method of combustion-compression ignition, and an important breakthrough in Mazda’s goal to reduce “well-to-wheel” carbon dioxide emissions to 50 perfect of 2010 levels by 2030, and a 90 percent reductions by 2050.

Mazda has been selling the CX-4 crossover in China for the last several years, a coupe-like version of the CX-5. After seeing the teaser shot, it seems that the Chinese version is getting a redesign and ready for European and U.S. sales. Hopefully, Mazda will release a few more teasers before the March show in Geneva. 


Image Credit: Mazda

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