Mopar Kicker Speaker Upgrade

Did I need to upgrade my speaks? Probably not, but was it worth it? Hell yes!
The door panels were already off the 2012 Grand Cherokee from working on the Carbon Fiber wrap on the trim. They were basically calling to me. I kept looking at my doors, the factory speakers, and thinking. Should I do something? They sound great now but could they sound better? The right answer is yes and yes!
It has a great factory Alpine system including a subwoofer. I am not criticizing that at all. It’s me. All me. I have a problem. I want to make everything better. There is always better. It is any easy upgrade.
In all our Jeep Wrangler builds, we swapped out the speakers with the Mopar Kicker Speakers. They sounded amazing, crisp and can handle any kind of music I want to beat. The speaker installs are just plug in.
I started looking but didn’t find any specific kits for the Grand Cherokee models from Mopar Kicker. I was starting to get a slight panic that my upgrade project might fall through. I was already mentally committed to this idea. I was starting to get bummed out. I decided to order the kit anyhow: a pair of 6 X 9’s for the front doors and a pair of 6.5’s speakers for the rear doors. It looked like the same set up from the pictures. A couple of days later, my best friend the UPS driver, rings my doorbell. 




To take the factory speakers out, all you need is a T-20 Torx bit. You pop out the four screws in the front door and three in the rear. Pull the speakers out. They may have adhesive tape holding them into place. Use a flat head, put it between the speaker and the door and it should come right out. Next, unplug the speaker. It should come right out. 




Plug in the new Mopar Kicker speaker. Screw them back into place with the T-20 Torx bit. Pop the door panels back in and project complete!





The new Mopar Kicker systems sounds fantastic! It definitely has more bass and a crisp sound. This is exactly what I was looking for!
Mopar/Kicker 6 X 9 Speakers
Part # 77KICK06
Mopar/Kicker 6.5 Speakers
Part # 77KICK10

Written by: Joe Oehm

Edited by: Andee Oehm

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