Mercedes-Benz X Class Carbon Fiber 6×6

Image Credit: Carlex Designs

Mercedes-Benz X-Class, the 6X6 carbon fiber safety car paired up with Pickup Design, the lesser known high-end aftermarket company of Carlex Design. Pickup Design has worked with several different brands to create rugged builds including the Mitsubishi L200, the Toyota Hilux, the Fiat Fullback, the Nissan Navara, and the Volkswagen Amarok. They definitely have a great appreciation for the X-Class developing six different “EXY” packages available. The most expensive being a yacht-themed Maybach-esque collaboration with Maritime Aerospace AG.
Pickup Design created a new vision, the Monster X Concept is the X-Class with three axles and six wheels. The bodywork will be constructed entirely of carbon fiber. The body features a widebody wheel, several rear fins and spoilers, sports bar, aggressive front and rear bumpers, carbon ceramic breaks and a hood scoop. The Monster X, unlike most trucks built for off- roading, is lowered. Carlex Design has the vision that this project end up as a safety car on a racetrack. The front and rear winches would be utilized helping with wrecked racers versus stuck off-roaders.
The Mercedes-Benz X-Class is the company’s first real pickup truck. It is not available for sale in the largest and most profitable truck market in the world, the United States. There are no plans to bring the X-Class here. Mercedes recognizes that it would not be a profitable business venture for the small midsize truck market. In the United States, Mercedes is as a luxury brand, whereas, it produces more work vehicles outside of this market. The X-Class offers a rugged interior geared towards surviving wear and tear versus the style and luxury of passenger cars. It will make an outstanding project with companies like Carlex, producing exclusive and utilitarian builds like the Monster X Concept. Hopefully, at some point that concept hits the Auto Show Circuit for enthusiasts to appreciate.

Written by: Andee Oehm


Image Credit: Carlex Designs

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