Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing unveiled a new 41’ AMG Carbon Edition speedboat

41 AMG Carbon Edition Press HR 4
Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz

The best way to celebrate a great working relationship is to create something amazing. This is the eleventh boat between Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing after twelve years of collaboration. Together, they designed a new 41’ AMG Carbon Edition speedboat, after the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S four-door. The boat is glossy black and red. It reflects the carbon fiber design and the red leather trimmings, just like in the vehicle. Carbon fiber is used to optimize the center of gravity, deliver better handling, and create better performance. Previous collaborations, like the 2017 GT R performance boat, was over 500 pounds lights. 

They collaborations was unveiled at the Miami International Boat Show in Biscayne, Florida. The 41’ speedboat has four Mercury Racing Verado 400R outboard engines. The Carbon Edition advertises 1600 horsepower, and to get there each engine is a supercharged 2.6-liter V8, each producing around 400 horsepower. That is some serious power running side by side.

Top speeds are around 80 miles per hour, which feels very fast on the water. 

The bold graphics are representative of the AMG logo, with the same graphite grey on the hull that was designed for the Mercedes Four-Door sedan. Carbon fiber wraps the deck, rudder, roof lining and hardtop of the boat. Interior features include a LCD instrumentation screes, ambient lighting, and decorative speaker grilles. Decked out with the classic Cigarette upholstery on the seats, with the fabric that reflects up to 30 percent of absorbed heat. This allows the beautiful deep colors without being too hot to sit on, and that’s luxury folks. There’s room for 20 people at cruising speed, and 8 people to hit top speeds.

Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz


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