McLaren GT teaser comes with an official reveal date

McLaren GT
Image Credit: McLaren

Finally, the McLaren GT teaser comes with an official reveal date. This is the first view of the silhouette without being wrapped in camouflage. Previously, McLaren released a few official photos of the camouflaged GT, but now the disguise has been removed. Remember this is only a teaser shot, and it is definitely just that. The teaser still hides the majority of the GT’s details. This teaser is a video, which is a little different than traditional reveal photos.

Looking at the teaser, there is a fairly detailed view of the tail end. The slim LED taillights are engulfed in the huge vent panel. The panel accentuates all the perfect curves on the new McLaren model. In the profile shot, the new vehicle looks more refined and sophisticated. The body lines are tight, with the scoops and vents held close. The body is long and low, ready to hug the turns of the road. 

The most essential part of the teaser video is the inclusion of a release date. The world will get a chance to see the McLaren GT on the morning of May 15. For now, McLaren has emphasized the car’s low weight. Expectations are that it will utilize a version of McLaren’s twin-turbo V8 engine, and a possibility of a certain degree of electrification. The rumor is that the GT will have ample and practical space to be ready for any type of adventure.

Image/Video Credit: McLaren

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