McLaren debuts its track-only Senna GTR

Yes, all 75 production units have been reserved!

McLaren Senna GTR Front Shot
Image Credit: McLaren

McLaren debuts its track-only Senna GTR at the Geneva Motor Show. Yes, all 75 production units have been reserved. Last year in Geneva, McLaren debuted the Senna GTR Concept car and returned this year with an actual production unit. Previously, the Senna was designed to be a hardcore track car, that barely made the legal cut to be on the streets. McLaren wanted to design something special, and about $1.4 million did just that, the track-only GTR. 

The main difference between the production model and the concept is the rear wing. The LMP1-wing is not only bigger, but has new side planks that extend from the left and right tips down to the rear diffuser, helping to provide superior aerodynamic performance. Other differences include a redesigned front splitter, new dive planes on the front corners, vortex generators on both sides of the car, and a downsized rear diffuser. The goal is to be aerodynamic. McLaren said the Senna is, “the most effective aero performance for track driving of any McLaren Automotive product.” The automaker designed this vehicle with the single-minded purpose to produce the most engaging and intuitive driving experience.


The GTR shape is lower, wider and slimmer, all adding to the increased performance. It is also 22 pounds light, with excluding the infotainment and audio system, but keeping the air conditioning. It sits 1.3 inches lower than the Senna, with the front track three inches wider, and the rear track is 2.7 inches wider. The 19-inch centerlock wheels with 285/ front and 325/ rear Pirelli slicks are covered with new fender flares. The GTR has forged aluminum monoblock calipers, six-piston up front and four-piston in the back. 


The big changes can be felt in the performance of the GTR with an added new suspension designed from the GT3 racing program. It also has four-way adjustable dampers, solid brushes, adjustable camber, aluminum double wishbone, springs, uprights, and anti-roll bars. Engineers added a polycarbonate windshield, integrated roll cage and harness mounts, pit radio, a fire extinguishing system, a data logger and a racing-style fuel door. The 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 pumps out 814 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque. With increased performance, it is 25 more hp than the Senna. The GTR kept the same seven-speed gearbox.

McLaren didn’t change pricing from the original concept of $1.4 million before taxes. The 75 production units will be hand-assembled in Woking, England. The deliveries being this September. 

Image Credit: McLaren


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