McLaren 720S Spider By MSO

McLaren 720s Spider MSO
Image Credit: McLaren

Don’t miss the McLaren 720S Spider at the Geneva Motor Show. McLaren Special Operation (MSO) upgraded the 720S Spider, but is not a production unit, but just another example of what MSO can imagine through customization. There is really no limit to what money can do with a supercar. Wayne Bruce, the director of global communication said, “the company has received some interest from customers looking to create the car.” He stated the reality that ordering a 720S Spider built exactly like the one created by MSO for Geneva would could upward of $523,000. The Spider 720S starting price is $315,000, which means the MSO customizations are over $200,000.

The MSO version has a beautiful Meteorite Grey paint that weaves in blue accents throughout the lower portion of the body. The official color is called Coriolis, it’s a tri-tone shade made of Cerulean Blue, Burton Blue and Abyss Blue. The tone accents highlight areas that work hard to manage how air flows over the vehicle. It also includes carbon fiber on the rear diffuser, B-pillars, and a gloss carbon fiber tonneau cover. Some other options on the MSO build offered include a Stealth pack, Electrochromic glass in the retractable hard top, and sports exhaust system. The Interior features carbon fiber seat backs, Burton Blue Alcantara, Jet Black leather, and MSO Bespoke branding.

If you are ready to spend a small fortune, McLaren Special Operations will be happy to customize your supercar. It will take some patience during the process, the paint job alone takes over 260 hours to apply the paint. 

Image Credit: McLaren

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