MAXSA Park Right Parking Mat

Parking perfectly can make the difference in having usable space


MAXSA Park Right parking mat because sometimes parking in your garage is an obstacle in itself. Whether you have a tiny one car or large three car garage, parking perfectly can make the difference in having usable space. Can the kids get their bikes out without hitting your car? Did you park too close to the wall? Did you leave enough room to go in front of your car? Can you get to this or that? These are questions I ask myself every time I pull into my garage, trying to navigate the space and park perfectly. The Park Right Parking Mat was the perfect solution for me. It is a simple and inexpensive option to eliminate the parking stress. 

This is perfect for any and every garage, carport, or parking area that is in need of a quick and easy solution to help you park. This option is easy to install with either double-sided tape or the mounting holes, (hardware is provided) if you want a more permanent fit. The Mat has two bumps in different sizes, the first one letting you know you have reached the mat and the second puts you in the perfect parking spot. Easy as that.


The Park Right Parking Mat from Maxsa Innovations prevents damage to your vehicle, garage and whatever you have in the garage. The anti-skid tape prevents the mat from moving, and the built-in drip tray helps prevent water, snow or dirt from reaching the floor. The one size will fit any and all passenger vehicles. There is a reflective strip for increased visibility. The Parking Mat is 11 inches wide and 21.5 inches long. 


With over 1,200 great reviews on Amazon, and priced under twenty bucks, this makes a great solution for anyone who needs a perfect parking spot in the garage.

Maxsa Park Right Parking Mat

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