Lotus Type 130 reveal confirmed for July 16th

Lotus Type 130
Image Credit: Lotus

Lotus Type 130 reveal confirmed for July 16th. The Type 130 electric hypercar will start production with deliveries starting in 2020. Production will take place at the Lotus headquarters in Hethel, Norfolk. The Type 130 is named for its production quantity of just 130 units. 

Lotus is moving at a very rapid place with production of the Type 130. There are concerns about the timeline presented because other automakers are having trouble meeting production goals with EV units. Only time will tell if Lotus can meet their set goals. The British sports car company has Chinese funding to make this car a reality. 

With interest to buy from several hundred people, Lotus committed to the project after feedback from the Shanghai Auto Show. Hopefully, the 130 slots will sell quickly after the expected high price tag is announced. Consumers know and have come to expect an extravagant price tag from electric hypercars.

Lotus released a teaser photo that reveals almost nothing. There is also a teaser video with more information, such as, the “Hand Built in Britain By Lotus” emblem and electric charge port on the left. It does have an automatic closing door there, which is not standard for Lotus designs. We definitely don’t have enough information to form an educated opinion on the Lotus Type 130, but look forward to July 16th.

Video Credit: Lotus

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