Lego created a full-size McLaren Senna

2,725 hours from start to finish to build it!

Lego McLaren Senna Front Shot
Image Credit: McLaren

Lego created a full-size McLaren Senna. They fully invested in the collaboration with the automaker. This brick masterpiece was built using 467,854 individual pieces, that’s 200,000 more than what Lego used to create the life-size 720s. The Bugatti Chiron Project still holds the title of most bricks with over a million. The Lego Senna weighs about 3,348 pounds, that’s more than one thousand pounds more than the real supercar. 

To build the McLaren Senna, it took 2,725 hours from start to finish, that’s on top of the 2,000 plus hours it took to design and develop the project. That is nine times as long as it took to build an actual Senna. The McLaren is a 1:1 scale model with borrowed parts from the actual Senna including a seat, the infotainment system, steering wheel and pedals. From the drivers seat, the lights and infotainment system are operational. Pushing the “start button” manifests a twin-turbo V8 engine simulation over the speakers. The Lego build has the official McLaren badging. The Lego dihedral doors are difficult to operate, but they are removable to open and access to the seats. The Pirelli tires and wheels are mounted to the chassis. 

Lego did an excellent job of embracing all the shapes and angles of the Senna. The detail and structure in the back wing are impressive. Unfortunately, the Lego McLaren Senna doesn’t appear operational and mobile like the Bugatti Chiron. The Chiron was equipped with an electric motor allowing it to drive at low speeds. Look for the Lego Senna at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and car shows across the country from now until the end of summer. 

Image Credit: McLaren


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