Lamborghini Sian shows a glimpse of their most powerful vehicle to date

Lamborghini Sian
Image: Lamborghini

Lamborghini Sian shows a glimpse of their most powerful vehicle to date, the V-12 Hybrid Sian. With a supercapacitor-enhanced drivetrain, the Lamborghini Sian produces over 800hp. This limited edition sports car embraces the next-generation design direction expected from Lamborghini. This is a small example that showcases performance hybrid technology.

The V-12 Hybrid Sian is positioned above the Aventador. It features new components including a titanium exhaust valves that produces 785 hp, plus the addition of a hybrid assist system as a significant evolution on the vehicle. Lamborghini is able to utilize a supercapacitor, versus heavy batteries, to increase power. The supercapacitor can rapidly discharge and recharge during dynamic driving situations.

Lamborghini Sian rear
Image: Lamborghini

The design of the supercapacitor has a 48-volt motor incorporated into the transmission to add 34 horsepower. This delivers boost during shifts, in low-speed parking maneuvers, and acceleration to 80 mph (after that the V-12 takes control). This gives instant torque right off the line, but also consistent power between gear changes. A smooth transition between gearing will be an improvement over Lamborghini’s notoriously rough gear shifting. 

Engineers say the Sian’s energy storage system is fully charged every time the vehicle brakes, always prepared for the next launch. In combination, the drivetrain produced 819 hp, making the Sian Lamborghini’s most powerful car to date.

The Sian project was focused on hitting a low weight, and the supercapacitor is much lighter compared to other hybrid solutions, adding only 75 pounds. To make up the additional weight, Lamborghini uses carbon fiber and other lightweight materials. Engineers and designers were able to give the Sian a better power-to-weight ratio than the Aventador SVJ. Also, the Sian is now the quickest accelerating Lamborghini ever, going 0 to 60 mph in less than 2.8 seconds (the SVJ’s 0 to 60 mph is 2.5 seconds).

Lamborghini Sian interior
Image: Lamborghini

Aesthetically, the Sian is eye-catching with the three-pointed LED headlights in front. They flow into drag-reducing vents above the wheels toward enlarged side air intakes. There is a massive active spoiler with canards protruding from each rear corner. In the rear, six taillight lenses connect the Sian to the legendary Miura, followed by two large exhaust ports integrated into the mean-looking diffuser. Glass covers the engine allowing you to look and see what makes it go. Always forward-thinking, Lamborghini says to expect similar aesthetics in the future. Celebrating their founding year of 1963, Lamborghini will only produce 63 units of the Sian (already sold to their most loyal customers). Each unit will be styled completely individually using their Ad Personam program, making each one unique. 

With hybridization the driving factor as the innovation of vehicles moving forward, Lamborghini embraces the electrical potential. The supercapacitor is an exciting advancement in technology, and the Sian is the beginning of the evolution of the Lamborghini lineup of the future. This month, the Sian will be showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show. 

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