John Elliott makes Nike Air Force 1 tires on Lexus UX

For New York Fashion Week

2019 Lexus UX
Image Credit: Lexus

Some collaborations are unexpected, but remaining relevant in a social media obsessed culture, it can be an optimal focus for companies. Automakers are not an exception to this rule. At New York Fashion Week, Lexus partnered with rising style entrepreneur John Elliot to create all-white tires on their UX, designed after iconic Nike Air Force 1. After John Elliot collaborated with Nike to create a custom Air Force 1, he utilized the same concept with Lexus. The tires have a look of layering and stacking parts of the tire to showcase the illusion of shadow and shades, just like the design from the Nike shoes.
It’s a pretty fitting collaboration, because tires are often called shoes in the automotive world. The car culture is no stranger to pairing with brands and athletes throughout the years. The Air Jordan IIIs had a version that were Rolls-Royce themed, Volvo customized the Adidas Stan Smiths, and Puma has a pair that are inspired by the BMW GINA concept car. The tires definitely have a streetwear appearance and give new meaning to the statement of needing “new shoes for my ride”.
Lexus is currently staying tight lipped on this project, but small changes can be noted from pictures. The shoe is completely white, but Lexus didn’t commit to that with the UX. The most obvious changes are the black wheel arch cladding is white, plus the side mirrors. The UX does sport a John Elliot badge on the lower rear quarter of the car tagging the creator of the project. The Lexus UX is not for sale, just for observation and hype.

2019 Lexus UX 2019 Lexus UX

Image Credit: Lexus

Twitter / John Elliott


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