Jeep and Ram release pre-Super Bowl ads


What Super Bowl ad will be your favorite? FCA is definitely part of the spectacle, running Jeep and Ram ads. Today, Super Bowl Sunday, will be the release of the seventh ad over the last week for Jeep and Ram. Brands have to have great reception from online ads to earn the coveted thirty seconds during the actual game.

 FCA pulled all the stops, recruiting Marvel superhero Jeremy Renner, featured as the new voice of the Ram commercials. The actor will be the voice for Ram’s new campaign called “Led or Be Lead” beginning later this month. 

FCA marketing strategist, Olivier Francois, called this week’s commercials, “a taste of what’s to come.” Advertising spots leading up to Super Bowl cost around $5.5 million for 30 seconds. GASP!!! Some of the commercials will play on television today, but not all make the cut. Don’t miss any of them, look for the FCA ads here and online called, Roll Ram Rolls, Fourth Quarter, Make Sure of It, or Led or Be Led. 


Video Credit: RAM, Jeep

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