Volvo is trying to compete against the Super Bowl this year. The Swedish company wants you to ignore the game, commercials and all the snacks prepared by your neighbor. Volvo will be hosting their own game during the Super Bowl, a “mobile test drive” on mobile devices. The three people who stare at it the longest, without looking away, that means no peaking at the Big Game, could win a new S60 sedan through the Care by Volvo subscription service. This is a very out-of-the box advertising strategy. 

The idea behind the game is to be able to do one specific thing longer than anybody else. If you succeed, you win a car. This is reminiscing of games from childhood, but Volvo introduced the modern spin on it by utilizing smartphones. If you attempt the game and fail, you will have a few different opportunities to try again. The game will have opportunities to also be played during the NFL’s final faceoff of the season. 

Technology is definitely the score keeper here. The facial recognition technology will lock onto a person’s face and detect when their eyes are not directing full attention to the handheld screen. The player is watching a virtual test drive of the S60. No looking at the chips while reaching for the dip. No looking away to see the flag thrown on the field. No looking at the tear jerking commercials. You will lose. 

Volvo is technically only loaning out the cars through its subscription service. Care by Volvo is a 24 month term, offered at a flat fee rate that includes maintenance and even insurance. The idea is to have interactive advertising during the most expensive time of the year to run any kind of TV ad campaign. The concept is a fun way to engage potential clients. The people choosing to compete are also missing other automakers competitive advertising throughout the Super Bowl. 

To play along and have the chance to drive a S60, go to and play.

S60 The Longest Drive

S60 The Longest Drive

Image Credit: Volvo

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