Here is your formal introduction to Rimac

Electric hypercar company!


Here is your formal introduction to Rimac. This behind-the-scenes video gives a personalization to the electric hypercar company. Rimac has made their name in the electric car world, and CEO Mate Rimac hosts the video guiding us around the company’s facility. 

The video details how the small Croatian car company is making it’s mark in the automotive industry. Rimac Automobili has grown to gain some big-time partners, helping meet the challenges of expansion and to improve production techniques. Some of the new partners include Koenigsegg, Automobili Pininfarina, Porsche, Aston Martin and Hyundai. That’s a pretty cool lineup of support, but obviously, they are committed to the forward movement into the electric world. Rimac has advanced electric car technology, mainly in the battery pack used to supply power to the Concept_One and C_Two. 

The video shows the different parts of the company, looking at various parts of production. On the tour, Rimac shows us the frame production. The entire chassis for the Concept_One is made of steel and welded together by people, not robots. It takes months to weld into a final structure. Rimac changed tack with Concept_Two by using a carbon fiber monocoque chassis. All the welders will be moved to produce different parts of the car now that the chassis isn’t made of steel anymore. 

Watch the video for a look into the company’s operations, this is a perspective most people never get to see. This is the first video of a series of four that will give us an in-depth look into the electric hypercar company. 

Image/Video Credit: Rimac

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