Here are the official videos of the Ferrari F8 Tributo


Here are the first videos of the Ferrari F8 Tributo. Over the past ten years, the Ferrari 458 Italia has being a big player for the automaker, experiencing an evolution from the Speciale to the 488 GTB to the Pista, and now, the F8 Tributo. All the models have different styling, but definitely born of the same gene pool. These first official videos display the new angles on the F8 Tributo. 

The video showcases the F8 Tributo driving on a curvy road through the mountains. The videos show close-ups, driving shots, landscape views, and smoke-filled power. It would be nice to have a slow-mo reel to enjoy a few close up views looking at the details. The video does demonstrate the aerodynamics and power of the F8 Tributo. Most of the parts are actually functional, including the front splitter, the underside vortex generators, the front S-Duct and rear diffuser. 

This vehicle is powered with the 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, running 710 horsepower and 568 lb-ft of torque. This is the most powerful V8 Ferrari has used outside of a special series. The F8 Tributo is the first new model that Ferrari will be launching over the next several years in the effort to recharge its product line. Ferrari is counting on this vehicle to have strong sales to help fund that movement.

Video Credit: Ferrari 

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