Gymkhana 10 is live

Video Credit: Hoonigan

Gymkhana 10 is live on the web! The public release is a 20-minute installment featuring five locations. It is the latest installment in Ken Block’s series of driving videos. The miniseries on Amazon Prime has been hyping up the finished product of five vehicles in five different location. Ken Block and his Hooni’s definitely deliver on excitement. 

It kicks off in Sweden with a WRC-spec Ford Fiesta rally car. Most of the filming takes place on a frozen lake, featuring Frosty the snowman’s Swedish cousin and some tandem drifting. Next, Block is tearing up Detroit with the Hoonicorn V2, 1,400-hp twin-turbo V-8 powered all-wheel-drive Mustang. To keep the Ford-centric film in perspective, Block drifts the Hoonicorn in front of the former train station in downtown Detroit, that will become a new office for Ford. Traveling down to Mexico with a Ford Focus rallycross car, Block navigates dark, tight tunnels and streets. He heads back to Los Angeles with the pre-burned Escort Cosworth. Driving in the new Hoonitruck, wrapped things up in Texas.

Don’t miss the cameos of other extreme sports and motorsports people. One of the favorites is Travis Pastrana, who hops in the Hoonitruck and drives it away at the end. It only leaves you wanting more with the, “to be continued…” ending. 

Written by: Andee Oehm

Video Credit: Hoonigan


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