GMC Sierra Denali CarbonPro bed

Hits dealerships this summer

GMC Sierra Denali CarbonPro bed
Image Credit: GMC

GMC Sierra Denali CarbonPro bed will hit dealerships this summer. Last March, the GMC revealed the Sierra 1500 with the optional CarbonPro bed. Exclusive to the Denali 1500 and AT4, it will be available in limited numbers, hitting dealerships after production starts in early June. The carbon floor and sides replace the steel panels in a normal bed, giving it “strength, durability, and scratch resistance.”

Engineers put the bed through extreme scenarios like dropping 1,800-pound gravel loads, 450-pound steel drums, and cinder blocks from various heights. They also had a 250-pound man on a snowmobile, with studded tracks, drive on the bed and open the throttle. GMC stated that it only caused “minimal scratching.” The engineering team also put a generator in the bed and aimed the exhaust into a corner to ensure vibration and direct heat wouldn’t deformed the carbon fiber.

The CarbonPro bed doesn’t require a bedliner, and is grained at the top for better traction, but smooth on the bottom for easier utilization. The front of the bed is equipped with tie-downs working with molded indentations to hold motorcycle tires, and slots in the sidewalls to hold two-by-sixes. 

GMC described the CarbonPro as a carbon fiber pickup box designed to increase durability, efficiency and functionality of the truck, while offering best-in-class dent, scratch and corrosion resistance. According the GMC head Duncan Aldred, “this is a GMC exclusive and industry first.”

Image Credit: GMC


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