G2 Brake Caliper Paint


We teamed up with @G2Paint to show the breaks on our Jeep Grand Cherokee some affection.  @G2Paint are the go-to when painting your brake calipers. This kit couldn’t be any simpler and it comes with everything needed to get the job done! This project from start to finish took us about three hours. 

To start, we picked a red paint kit. We thought it would be a complimentary color for our Winter Chill Pearl Grand Cherokee. It should be noted that one kit was enough to do all four calipers with 3 coats. Also, our Jeep Grand Cherokees has the bigger HD Brakes.



Step 1.) Use provided Brake Clean to clean up the Calipers.

Step 2.) Tape off the area of your rotors and calipers you don’t want painted.

Step 3.) Open up the paint.

Step 4.) Pour in the little blue bottle; it’s the reactor.

Step 5.) Stir up paint with provided stick for a few minutes.

Step 6.) Let paint sit five minutes, to allow the paint and reactor to set up.

Step 7.) Give it another stir and your ready to paint!

Pro Tip: Wear rubber gloves; it’s hard to get the paint off your skin.

We ended up putting three coats on the calipers. From the time it takes to complete all four calipers, the initial one was ready for the second coat. To get the look we wanted, three coats was perfect. After about an hour, we carefully placed the wheels back on and let it cure overnight (in the garage). 

The color has a nice shine to it. The paint feels like it was powder coated, not thin or tacky. We were really impressed with @G2Paint. We wish we would of done this sooner. This project was inexpensive, time effective and looks great. We highly recommend it. 

Get yourself a kit for your car and don’t forget to use our Discount Code: ELEVATED for extra savings! www.g2usa.com 

Written By: Joe Oehm

Edited By: Andee Oehm

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