Ford recalls 1.48 million F-150s for transmission issues

Image Credit: Ford / Lincoln

Yesterday, February 13, 2019, another recall for Ford Motor Company, approximately 1.48 million, 2011-2013 F-150s for transmission issues. Just a few weeks ago, over 800,000 F-Series had a recall for a fire risk. The current recall is a risk factor for the six-speed automatics possibly downshifting without warning, into first gear. The trucks involved are in both United States and Canada. Ford has reports of five accidents involving the issue. There is an immediate resolution to the issue, and owners can take their vehicles to dealerships to update the power control module software. Ford made the statement, “Depending on vehicle speed, a downshift to first gear without warning could result in a loss of vehicle control, increasing the risk of a crash.”

2019 Ford Mustang


Ford and Lincoln issued smaller recalls, about 4,350, for 2019 models including the Mustang, Nautilus, Navigator, and Continental. Ford hasn’t received any reports of accidents with these vehicles, but proactively wants to address the issue involving the instrument panel clusters assemblies going black or not turn out when the vehicle is started. 

Lincoln Navigator

There is a third recall released for 28,200, 2017-2019 Lincoln Continentals in the United States and Canada. The automaker released the statement saying silicon contamination might build up inside the door latch motor causing malfunctions. Alternatively, the door latch might not fully engage causing the door to open unexpectedly. Ford will remove and replace door latch assemblies on all doors for those affected by the defect. 

Owners can contact any Ford dealership to follow up regarding the recalls. Using the specific VIN number for each vehicle, the dealership can help with any recalls. 

Image Credit: Ford / Lincoln


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