Ford makes largest 3D printed auto part ever created

For Ken Block's Hoonitruck


When anyone talks about Ken Block, it’s definitely next level adrenaline inducing things. He is privy to some pretty cool opportunities, vehicles and locations. For Gymkhana 10, Block, is in a 1977 Ford F-150, powered by the GT engine, tuned-up twin-turbo EcoBoost V6. It’s a modified GT engine, going from the standard 647 horsepower to a monstrous 900 horsepower. The Hoonitruck has a special intake manifold, its personal trophy, and claim to fame. Ford says this intake manifold is the biggest metal 3D-printed auto part ever created for a running car. 

Ford and RWTH Aachen’s Digital Additive Production Institute in Germany, collaborated to research and analyze what shape would be best for the intake manifold. The printing is not a quick process, taking five days to complete. The 3D printing adds layer and layer of aluminum, to create the perfect product. Aluminum is a lightweight material, and necessitates intricate webbed design throughout the printing process. This design creates a strong, yet lightweight manifold, weighing in at only 13 pounds. 

Check out what Block can do behind the wheel of the 1977 Ford F-150 beast. Never a dull moment with the Hoonigan Team. It will be exciting to see what Block and Ford dream up for the next episode.

Ford Engineers Make Record-Breaking 3D Part to Help Bring Ken BlFord Engineers Make Record-Breaking 3D Part to Help Bring Ken Bl

Image Credit: Ford


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