Ford Bronco has plans for removable doors

Ford Bronco Removable Doors
Image Credit: Google Patents

Ford Bronco has plans for removable doors. With the recent release from Ford of the Bronco prototype, new details of patent paperwork for four different options surface. Motor Trend discovered the Ford patent for a removable door system called “Door with Convertible Scaffolding.” The patent appears to have administrative recognition from the U.S. last year, but was filed in Germany and published in January. The renditions show a full for fitted door with impact beams that are removable. The full doors can be removed and impact beams reinstalled, similar to the tube doors of the Jeep Wrangler, using the same hinges on both options.

Another patent was published on March 28 called “Convertible Door Assembly for a Motor Vehicle.” The patent is for a full hard door that turns into half doors by removing the top half. In the half-door phase, the side window can be left in the lower door, this would leave a narrow upper section of side window visible. The side window can lock into the upper receiver to remove both the receiver and window together. 

If compared to the Jeep Wrangler, Mopar makes tube and half-door kits, and over a dozen are available via aftermarket. It makes sense that Ford would have an option for the new Bronco. The Ford Bronco will have removable doors and the “Air Roof” removable roof panels, therefore having door options intimately will capture the market before it’s saturated by aftermarket options. 

The second drawing of the convertible door patent indicates driving mirrors on the doors. However, the original information on the Bronco put the driving mirrors on the A-pillars. This is a better options so the mirrors don’t need a relocation kit to drive legally, like the Jeep Wrangler. 

Ford Bronco Removable Doors


Image Credit: Google Patents


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