First open-top Formula E Safety Car with the BMW i8 Roadster

BMW i8 Formula E Roadster
Image Credit: BMW

BMW becomes the world’s first open-top Formula E Safety Car with the BMW i8 Roadster. The news was announced at the Yacht Club de Monaco. To be the safety car, the BMW i8 Roadster gets a few modifications. The i8 Coupe was the previous Formula E Safety Car, so it seems natural for a newer version to replace it. However, BMW is excited to provide the first open-cockpit Safety Car. 

The roadster now has a more striking appearance due to the windshield-replacing aero screen. BMW says the vehicle’s center of gravity is 15 millimeters lower, and didn’t require any signification structural modifications due to the carbon fiber passenger cell giving the Roadster a stiff build. The aerodynamics package includes a front splitter and a rear wing, with a light bar on the latter. A FIA-approved roll bar was installed for safety requirements, plus M Carbon Ceramic brakes. 

Don’t forget the new livery, borrowing elements from the blue and white BMW Roundel and BMW iFE.18 Formula E race car. However, the German automaker also added blue and purple accents to represent the new electrification. Robert Irlinger, Head of BMW i said, “BMW i and Formula E are synonymous with innovations, making them excellently suited to each other. This project is another very good example of the pioneering spirit at BMW i and in Formula E. In implementing the BMW i8 Roadster Safety Car, the BMW i engineers, designers and communications crew have dared to explore new horizons and create an absolutely unique car. The development team behind the Safety Car is a kind to a start-up. Our engineers got creative within their own ranks and assembled it on top of their regular jobs. In doing so, they have achieved something completely new. I am very grateful to the FIA and Formula E for showing such enthusiasm towards our innovation and for making it possible to use the BMW i8 Roadster as an official Safety Car.”

Image Credit: BMW

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