Enjoy 100 years of Bentley in their new $250K book

Bentley Centenary Opus
Image Credit: Bentley

Enjoy 100 years of Bentley in their new $250K book. The book can be customized and even costs more than an actual Bentley car. Bentley worked with Opus, a “luxury publisher” with tag line “Greatness immortalized greatly,” to create a book to encompass 100 years of the automaker. The project is a limited-edition and weighs around 66.5 pounds, but is filled with exclusives.

The limited-edition book will be available in three versions, in Centenary printed in a run of 500, the Mulliner printed in a run of 100, and 100 Carat with just seven units to represent the seven continents. All the versions come in hand-bound leather from the same herd that Bentley uses for their cars. One way buyers can customize their book is choosing the color of leather. The cover is decorated only with a special Bentley badge that will also be on all the cars for this anniversary year only. 

The foreword is penned by well known collector Ralph Lauren. The nine chapters contain more than 800 pages dedicated to the story of W.O. Bentley and his Le Mans racers, the decades of brand-defining grand tourers, the limited editions, the one-offs, the designers, the craftsmanship’s, and the sports cars that are todays GT’s and limousines. It includes exclusive content of historical photos, new photography shot by Opus, artwork that opens nearly 6.5 feet when opened. The final chapter is called “The Future,” where current brand CEO Adrian Hallmark expands on the future. 

The Mulliner edition adds 20-inch by 24-inch Polaroid photos highlighting ten of Bentley’s landmark car, and 56 watercolors painted on silk paper. Owners can even have their own Bentley photos included in their copies. More options means more money, the Mulliner edition costs almost $16,000. Beyond the Mulliner’s options, the 100 Carat editions with 100 carats of diamond and a wings badge set in either white gold or platinum. A 2019 Bentley Mulsanne costs about the same as this edition around $250,000. 

Image Credit: Bentley

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