Dynatrac hits the garage to build a two-door Hellcat Jeep Gladiator


Dynatrac hits the garage to build a two-door Hellcat Jeep Gladiator. It was only a matter of time before the Hellcat engine was dropped into a Jeep Gladiator. Before Easter Jeep Safari, Jeep executives verified that the 707-hp engine would fit into the Gladiator engine bay. The information provided stated that while the engine fit, there was no way to pass a real safety inspection due to airflow issues and compromising the safety features of the crumple zones. That only means it won’t be a factory option in the near future, but it was definitely still going to happen. Dynatrac, a California-based company dedicated to building beasts, started building the two-door Hellcat Gladiator. This chopped and supercharged Gladiator is called the Codex project. 

Hellcat Engine

Dynatrac has a reputation for making some crazy Jeep builds, but even this build is bigger than the normal lift kit, axle swap, bigger wheels and tires. Looking at the Dynatrac’s YouTube clip, it shows that project was basically starting from scratch, seeing as most of the upgrades aren’t even in production yet. 

This first phase was only recently completed after a week spent in the garage. Dynatrac reached out to Michigan-based America’s Most Wanted 4×4, to help chop this new Gladiator down to a two-door option. A two-door Gladiator option is not something currently in the Jeep lineup. The video talks about the details of the project. 

Together they shortened the Gladiator two feet from the standard dimensions. The wheelbase went from 118 to 120-inches, while removing the back seats, but still keeping a small amount of space for storage for an extended cab feel. This took some serious fabrication from the team, including reworking the fuel tank after neither the stock Gladiator or a Wrangler tank would fit in the new frame. The simplest part of the build is actually dropping in the Hellcat engine.

To get back home to the west coast, Dynatrac drove the build versus hauling it. We expect nothing less when equipped with a new Hellcat engine, and yes, burnouts and drifting were part of the send off. Back at their own facility in So Cal, Dynatrac went to work on the second phase. The goal now is to take this two-door Gladiator and give it a Baja-themed vibe. Nobody will argue with that move. Check back for updates and what else is in the pipeline for the two-door Hellcat Gladiator. 

Dynatrac 2 Door Gladiator

Video/Image Credit: Dynatrac


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