Drive Auto Products Trunk Organizer

Trunk Organizer
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We are all looking for ways to stay organized, especially in our vehicles. This product has been featured on several TV spots and magazines showing its practicality and versatility. The Original DRIVE Auto Products Car Trunk Organizer with Straps has thousands of positive reviews from satisfied customers. It can be used for almost anything including transporting your laptops and office necessities to keeping the groceries from sliding in the cargo area. 

Most of us have clutter throughout our cars, and sometimes it starts looking like an extension of our homes. Who doesn’t want their car to feel clean, organized and new every time you jump in? The Original DRIVE Car Trunk Organizer is part of an award-winning product line engineered to make life easier. This is the first of its kind with steel tipped tie-down straps that can latch almost anywhere. The sturdy side panels give it a constant shape and structure. The carrying handles are reinforced to handle the heaviest of loads. It has a collapsible design for adaptable sizes to fit your car, large or small. There is even the option to daisy-chain two or more together using the horn and loop fixtures. There is a Front Seat Mode that is ideal for the business or solo traveler that fits securely in the passenger seat by being strapped in so nothing shifts during braking. 

It’s constructed with Premium Oxford 600D Fabric, 2 big front pockets, fully wrapped ridged panels that hold coffee mugs/water bottles, 8 side pockets, folding compartments to fit work folders, tablet, phones, binders, pet supplies and more. The Organizer weighs only three pounds. The dimensions are 23 x 17 x 10.8 inches. It’s built with three layers: the sturdy insert, a foam panel and a waterproof layer. Another great benefit is this bestseller is only $23.97!

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