Drifting into Christmas with Lotus Evora

Video Credit: Lotus

The Lotus Evora GT410 Sport is helping bring in the holiday spirit with “Merry Driftmas”. There is no knowing what will happen when Ken Block is smashing all over the Lotus Campus in Hethel, Norforlk, England. The yellow Evora shows up with a fully geared-up driver in the front seat, and a Christmas tree holding on to the rear engine cover. It speeds past an Espirit S1. Afterwards, it creeps through one of the garages passing several other Lotus models, but most impressively the perfect black and gold Type 72 race car. Making its way through a testing area and to a parking lot, ringing a few bells around three other Lotus models. It completes the ride in front of the main office, where Lotus has another Christmas tree decorated with toys cars ornaments. 

There is definitely classic Ken Block drifting and obstacles that leave you grinding your nails. It’s not a traditional Gymkhana event, but the festive video wishes everyone a “Merry Driftmas” with speed and style. 

Written by: Andee Oehm

Video Credit: Lotus

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